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As I previously wrote, on November 2, 2010 @ approximately 3:00 pm., I signed the mortgage documents for my new art studio.   The joy of finally having a location to work and set up indefinitely is an absolute dream come true.   The more I create works of art, the more space is needed to do it effectively.  So, the future is bright as I begin to transform the now, empty space, into a beautiful work of art in itself.

Dixie painting 'Flowers' in her old studio

I stood in the space and perused the area; where would my storage shelves go?  The light coming into the studio is going to be wonderful in the afternoons.  Perhaps, painting more in the afternoon towards the evening will become my preference.  As I contemplated my options, the more options developed – the easel here, some chairs there, painting the floors – what theme and colors.  Put the supply cabinet over there – it was the greatest feeling I’ve had in many years.

Anticipating having the studio up and fully functioning before the end of November, 2010.  Of course, I will be documenting the entire transformation and will share it in a later blog.


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