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The new year has proven to be more demanding than previously anticipated and, like most people, I got caught up in the “getting things done right now posture; however, I really wanted to get back to my blog to share some exciting news and just spend time here.

Am still painting and have completed a few new pieces that I’d like to share with you – many of the paintings are reworked.  Meaning, I painted them several years ago and, after taking art classes, can now repaint them for future exhibit.  One piece in particular that I love is, “Entrance To Sapphire Beach“.  This paintings was done in 2004 when I lived in St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands and updated a few months ago with astonishing results.  This painting was hung in the Schacknow Museum of Fine Arts in Plantation, Florida for 2 months and was part of my exhibit entitled, Caribbean Dream.   Entrance to Sapphire Beach is 18 x 24  acrylic on canvasboard.

Entrance To Sapphire

As an avid sailor, I was returning from an all day sail and laying on the bow of the boat when the captain decided to head home – I turned over on my stomach and just looked over at the rich colors reflected in the Caribbean Sea…  blue, aquamarine, shimmering in the afternoon sun.  The splashing of the water sprayed on my face as we made the turn between St. John and Red Hook.  I sat up as my eyes were directed to an opening in the landscape and immediately knew I had to capture the moment.  That opening was the entrance to Sapphire Beach; the home of Sapphire Beach Resort.  Sailing in any direction back to St. Thomas a boat can enter Sapphire through this opening which is much larger than it appears from my vantage point.

As we approached St. Thomas, the islands got bigger and the entrance opened wider to allow yachts to enter and dock within a safe harbor.  Spending lots of Sunday afternoons listening to local bands play the best music to crowds gathered from across the islands brought back memories.

So glad you could spend this moment with me and look forward to posting soon.


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