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Maria Estela Yamaguchi

It is so exciting and gives me true joy to share another story with you.  I wanted to talk today about the first person to purchase my book.  Maria Estela Yamaguchi who lives in Japan.  I meet Maria 35 years ago while attending the Valley Baptist Academy in Harlingen, Texas.  Maria migrated from Matamoros, Mexico and I from the U.S. Virgin Islands.  As previously stated, when I started at the Academy, language was a barrier for us all.  Luckily for me, Maria had a real desire to communicate and we bonded.

We lost contact over the years; Maria earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Education from MHB University and subsequently met and married Shojiro Yamaguchi and moved to Japan (where she has resided for the past 30 years).   A mother of three children:  Mayumi Teresa, Hideyuki Alan and Naoki Kevin Yamaguchi.

Maria and I rekindled our relationship on Facebook in 2009 and began talking like no time had gone by since our graduation from the Academy in 1975.  When I produced my book and published it on June 6, 2010, Maria was the first person to purchase A Journey Into My World of Art.  That meant so much to me and made the publication so special to have someone that I met at the beginning of my development and appreciation for art to be the first person, again, to embrace my creation.  Also, my purpose for producing the book was finally realized!  Sharing my artwork with a larger population…   the world!

Thank you Maria and I look forward to many more years of sharing each other’s passion.


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