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Painting this new piece of artwork stirred my heart. My sister, Ruth, on a recent cruise, went to St. Thomas, Virgin Islands and took a picture of my favorite swimming spot on the island. She sent a text to tell me, “you would never believe the picture I just took for you”. I couldn’t wait for her return to see all the pictures from her vacation. When she finally returned and I had the chance to view the pictures, I immediately knew I was going to paint it. I pondered for a few days. Each time I walked into my studio, I looked at the picture and it came to me. I grabbed a canvas from the rack and sketched the scene. For another few days, I looked at the drawing then began to put paint onto the canvas in order to bring the picture to life. I started with a wash (covering the entire canvas with the colors that will be used in each location). Stepping back and taking a deep look, I knew the direction to take.

Beginning with the sky, I created the background then folded the clouds into the beautiful Caribbean sky. Stepping back and taking another look, I was able to move forwards by adding the water in the foreground. My reason for putting in the sky and water together is my way on saving paint; as the colors were already mixed. You can follow the step-by-step project on facebook. Visit: A Journey Into My World of Art, click LIKE and post a comment, I’d love to hear from you.

Pleased with the results I then proceeded to add the small islands. They were especially interesting to me as I added color and shadows – I had to remember to add more white to the paint for the island directly across from the beach and reduce the color to the island in the distance; giving a better feeling of depth.  Truly inspired and fully aware of the amount of hours that it will take to complete this piece, I pushed forward.  Touching up, adjusting colors, adding and taking away clouds, I was happy with the background and decided to begin working on the foreground beach and trees.

A technique I picked up from my art instructor, Brent Miller of the RemBrent Academy of Fine Arts in Plantation, Florida, I stepped back, sat down and studied the progress.  The clouds were forming nicely along with the islands & was pleased with the water.  So it was now time to begin working on the trees.  I wanted to paint 3 different type of trees on the beach.  My highlight was going to be the Sea Grape Tree (the lighter of all the others).   I got up and went back to my canvas and with sheer creativity, I worked on each tree: 1st the palm in the behind the others, then fired up the next tree and took more time working on the Sea Grape Tree.

Totally happy with the trees, I wanted to add some “real” sand to the canvas.  I picked up a cup of sand from Ft. Lauderdale Beach to use in this paining.   When I added the sand which created a nice feeling to the painting, I thew in a few small shells and darkened the sand a bit more under the trees.  Stepping back again, I was now ready to begin adding leaves to each tree.  Mixing a variety of greens, yellows, oranges, reds and purples (yes purple!), I formed and blended all the colors into the leaves.  This is the largest of all my paintings and took more time than I have ever taken before.   Ladies and gentlemen, I present…  “Relaxing Afternoon”.


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