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As the New Year approaches, it is beginning to force me to plan ahead. Several things come to mind that are important and prioritizing them is going to be my main focus. The first thing that I’d like to work on is opening the studio – which will be up and running on or by December 17, 2010. The studio will increase my ability to multi task during the day. I sometimes work on one or more paintings at the same time and will now be able to remain set up all the time. Looking back, for a second, I do have to confess that all my work was done sitting on one side of my dining table. My family and I would have dinner at the other end just to accommodate my passion.

The second thing that is most pressing is increasing my art classes. I have had the wonderful opportunity of working with high school and middle school students and enjoy watching them create a new piece of artwork. One student, in particular, was so excited as he watched the development of his art project, he would almost shake. That’s the kind of reaction and glee that I look forward to enjoying again in the New Year.

"TOWARDS GARDEN STREET" photo by Cliff Finch

The next steps are going to be productive and move me closer to realizing my dream of creating a variety of artwork. A recent article published in the Plantation Forum entitled… “Artist paints scenes from Caribbean to Plantation” by Christiana Lilly expressed my attitude to my artwork; it does not have to be “Caribbean Art” only, it will be scenes in my new location in Florida. As I travel, the opportunity to capture that moment on canvas is my absolute dream come through. The painting posted is a photo taken by Cliff Finch, which has sparked a new creation.

Wishing all my friends and fans a safe and Happy Holiday. As I look forward to the next steps in my adventure, I also wish that you too will continue on yours and we’ll enjoy it together.


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