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The Caribbean is a beautiful, colorful and exciting place to live – the opportunity to have had such a backdrop or canvas to create small pieces of life and share with others makes me happy.   I remember years ago (actually in the early 70’s) I moved to Texas to attend high school with a variety of international students, I was immediately faced with questions about my homeland.  What do people do on a little island?; how do you get around?; are there cars there?; what do you eat and finally describe life on your island.  It started my thinking – how do I explain it to people from another country or even the Americans?    With language being a real barrier and my having a heavy accent, at the time, the idea came to me…  why don’t I draw pictures in order to describe my life on a tiny island (St. Thomas is 32 square miles) and share my story.   Before I knew it, I had quite a large volume of drawings; people walking to the market, standing on the Waterfront looking at the fishermen sell their catch, days at the beach, cultural events, costumes, traditional head dresses, clothing, etc.   The more I described my childhood, the larger my collection became.   One day while sitting in my room, I flipped through my drawing pad and realized that I had recorded my life and told a story on paper.

I later went back and filled in some of the drawings with color – added backgrounds to some scenes and expanded the story.  Before long I had begun to add watercolor to some of the drawings and the idea of telling a story through art was born for me.

I received a note two weeks ago from someone online telling me that I gave to him a painting approximately 1977.  It was quite a surprise to me as well as a pleasure.  I, of course, would love to see that early painting and reflect on my progress.   I am still hoping that I will be given the chance to see it; even if just online.


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