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It has been a while since I’ve chatted with you and wanted to post a photo of my newest piece of artwork done in oil. I usually paint with acrylics and attempted to use oil paint; which was a bit challenging at first, but as I got into it, was the best feeling I’ve had in years.

When I started on this piece, I was hesitant, but decided to go forward and get it done.  It is amazing that we get stuck in “what is familiar” meaning working with my acrylic paints.  Moving to the oil paints was exciting and ultimately a nice medium to work in.  Now oil paints and I are going to become good friends.  I do want to increase my skills and offer a wider variety of paintings.

Am planning another book in 2012 which will feature the new pieces since taking professional art classes.  Would like to share something personal as well.  My instructor, Brent Miller or RemBrent Academy in Plantation, Florida is a good teacher.  Having to sit there and listen to me fuss a bit about my work, then bring me into the piece.  The words I enjoy hearing the most is, “You’d nailed it Dixie”.   Then I know I did it right.    Several of you have written to me and expressed some concern about the change in my artwork.  I am attempting to develop my skills as well as artwork.  I will remain a primitive artist with a few new touches

My Island Farm

This painting, My Island Farm, is a good idea of the direction that I will be taking with my artwork.  I do want to remain brilliant with my color selections and subject matter.

As the sun begins to set over the island farm, the clouds creates a beautiful reflection on the landscape as they slowly sail across the afternoon sky.

My Island Farm, 11 x 14, oil on canvas and is available for sale on my website:  http://dixie-lee-hedrington.artistwebsites.com/


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